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July 17, 2011
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HARSHmallows is an idea that is likely extremely limited as a business idea on it’s own, but could serve as an introduction to or segment of an “extreme snack” and/or novelty market niche.

The premise is simple – update the marshmallow with unusual, “extreme” flavours; jalapeño, sour, wasabi, that sort of thing. Sell them only as miniature marshmallows in small 2 or 3 serving size packages to encourage sampling of all the different flavours. Provide recipes and suggestions as to how to creatively use HARSHmallows, such as jalapeño puffed rice squares.

As a business idea I wouldn’t dump anything into it personally, unless I already had access to equipment that would allow me to make trial runs of marshmallows and a co-packager willing to do small runs. If you’re such a person, by all means give it a try and send me a pack. Jalapeño, please.

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