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About Andrew

My name is Andrew Netherton, and I wanted to save the world. I started this blog many years ago in the middle of a bad spell in my career as a mechanical engineer, and was actively pursuing a career change into the field of green building. This blog, branded “Andrew’s Sustainapedia” at the time, was supposed to help.

Instead, two things happened in concert to change this. First, I found a great job in my field that I really enjoy, totally derailing the need for career change (and eliminating the desire for same). Shortly thereafter my involvement in a local cohousing group came to a screeching halt when I finally understood that my cohousing ideals were pretty much contrary to the kind of life my wife wanted/anticipated. Until our visions of our future housing mesh, there was no reason to continue with the cohousing group. Thus another primary motivator of things environmental, green, and sustainable evaporated.

Where does this leave me? Well, that’s to be seen. I’m still a treehugger at heart, but it’s no longer something that I’d blog about. I’ve always had plenty of ideas percolating through the squishy meat between my ears, so I may just use this as a forum to release those thoughts unto the world. Time will tell.

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